Friday, June 7, 2013

Words of Wisdom & Comfort

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SOA Love & Tattoos

In January of this year I got the opportunity to meet Ryan Hurst, better known to some of you as Opie from Sons of Anarchy.

Later that day I went and had a tattoo revamped!

It was a fun day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Who Doesn't Love the Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games have begun!  And America is taking note, and how can we not, look at these leading ladies!

Myself included, hence the following tutorial for this amazing Hunger Games inspired tee.  

1. Cut template, I used my Silhouette, and created this file.  I used freezer paper, and remember when using the Silhouette, you want to have the shiny side of your freezer paper up, which in turn means you need to send the mirror version of your text to your machine.
2.  Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper to your shirt (wash, iron, and de-lint your shirt prior to creating your design).  Remember, you're going to have to put together the mockingjay puzzle which is a bit frustrating, so make sure to reference your original stencil as you go.
3.  Paint away!  I prefer puff paints applied with a sponge brush.  It creates a worn look, totally a'la Katniss. 
 4.  Peel away the stencil to reveal your fabulous work.  And embellish.  I added flames, hello, Girl On Fire!
5.  Don your new frock and rock the runway, or movie theater line, whatever floats your boat.  And what is a Hunger Games get up without a braid in your hair?  I braided my bangs, threw the rest of my hair into a ponytail and raced to the movies.
After I posted my pic of me in my Love shirt I instantly got requests for Team Peeta shirts, here is the design I came up with in all it's Team Peeta glory! 
Today in prepping for this post I scoured the internet for Hunger Games images, and of course I discovered the fact that China Glaze has come out with a Hunger Games line of polishes, how awesome!!
And hello, talk about glam, check out these butterfly lashes!

Now go, make your tee, and see the movie of the year, The Hunger Games!  Oh, and while you're at it, if you haven't already, READ THE BOOKS, they're AMAZING!