Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plastic Bottle Bangle

Bangles.  I love them.  Can't get enough.  Here is a tute to make one for yourself.

Plastic bottle (I prefer empty Sobe Life Water bottles, they have a ring near the top that is the perfect size for my wrist. You might have to experiment with different bottles until you find one that works for you.) Box cutter (or some sort of blade)

Fabric of choice (I used jersey because it doesn't fray, and I wanted a clean look, you chose what will work for you.)

Embellishments (I used ribbon and part of a rhinestone chain)

Hot glue gun & sticks 

I start by slicing into the label, removing it and then start cutting the plastic itself. Like I said before, the bottles I use have a perfect bangle shape near the top, so it is super easy to keep on a relatively straight line.
You can see my box knife stuck in the bottle, and then the finished cuff.  I only get one cuff per bottle, the rest of it has these weird spirals down the sides.


I cut 1 x 12" strips from the jersey.  Then used a daub of glue on the inside of the cuff to start and secure my wrapping.

And I just keep wrapping and gluing, wrapping and gluing until the end of a strip and I just layer over the end of the previous one and keep going.


At the end I go back and double check to make sure the glue will hold the layers, and that the fabric won't shift.


From there I added a strip of wide ribbon, I am loving stripes at the moment, and this was the perfect accent for my black bracelet.  Then I added a black rhinestone chain with a daub of glue at the beginning, middle and end of the chain.  Then I decided to use embroidery thread to ensure the chain wouldn't go anywhere.  I must say, I am liking the look!  Check it out.


I hope you have a fun making your own bracelet!

Love ya,

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