Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Choose Joy - Little Boo Blue

I am in love with Little Boo Blue.  I stumbled upon this site while looking for new craft ideas.  Ashley is the writer, creator, artist (along with another million titles) at the helm of this site.  She is quirky, lovable, and upbeat.  All in all, an amazing woman whom I've never met and yet have a place for in my heart.  This last year has brought more heartache to her life than any one person or family should have to endure.  And yet her motto became and remains, "Choose Joy".

Today my email blog updates have been all about Ashley, her family and their current struggle, cancer.  Ashley has cancer and has chosen to fight it.

This is Ashley before beginning chemo (an adorable family pic):

And this is Ashley now (still smiling and as beautiful as ever):

So short story long, yes, that is what I meat to type, Ashley's family and friends have created an auction to benefit Ashley and her family.  Please, check it out, you might find something you can't live without which will in turn provide additional funds put towards Ashley's battle.  Support the Team Ashley Choose Joy Auction today!

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