Monday, July 11, 2011

Etsy Shop & Wayne Thiebaud Love

I have always said there is something for everyone.  Honestly, I could never be a trash collector, but there are folks, hard working folks, who do it, and do it well.  I could never be a police officer, I am horrible at confrontation, and even though it is rare that an officer has to use their gun, I wouldn't want to have to choose my life over someone elses.  One of my favorite artists is Wayne Thiebaud, and in the 5th grade we painted our own version of this painting

 Needless to say, my painting wasn't as fabulous as his, and yet my mom still hangs it on the fridge every once in a while (she keeps EVERYTHING).  :)  So as you can guess, becoming a painter us another career I won't be pursuing.

All that being said, I love to craft.  I like glue guns, embroidery thread, felt and fabric.  I am beginning to love the sewing machine (except when I break a needle, that sucks).  So in an effort to futher fuel my craft enthusiasm I have opened an Etsy shop.  I have had a love affair with Etsy for a while now.  It is amazing the stuff you can find on there.  And the talent, don't even get me started!  MAN!  I have had a number of people show interest in some of my creations that I have worn, and I am hoping others will appreciate what I have to offer.  Only time will tell.  Here are a couple of the items I have for sale.

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  1. I love Thiebaud! Do you still have your painting?

  2. I love the headbands! They are so very adorable. I am always so impressed with creative people (and a little jealous lol). Good luck with your Etsy store!


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