Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter Day

My oldest son goes to 4th R, which is a day care program with the City of Sacramento.  A program I also went to when I was in elementary school.  I have some awesome memories of my 4th R days, and I am thrilled that Lucas is getting the opportunity to make some of his own memories there. 

Today is Harry Potter day at 4th R.  My oldest is only 6, and we haven't really introduced him to the World of Harry Potter, so he doesn't have any shirts, or other Potter parafanilia.  So what is a crafty mother to do?  Why make a shirt for her kid of course! 

I scrounged through his drawers and found a gold colored t-shirt he never wears, then I scrounged through my closet and found my old maroon/burgandy senior class t-shirt that I NEVER wear (1st off it is too big, 2nd, it says "It's a Senior Thing" on the front and "You wouldn't understand" or something like that on the back, LAME).  Anyhoo, once I found those two shirts I knew I had some extra white and khaki ones laying in my craft pile, and with my magical powers I knew I had a Gryffindor t-shirt in the making (no, I am not full of myself, I just like to toot my horn once in a while).  Just because I had the material didn't mean I had a design...thank God for the internet.  I scoured the net looking for some inspiration, and let me tell you, there are entirely too many Harry Potter ideas out there.  FINALLY I found a lion outline I knew I could free hand and use as an applique, and so I set to work. 

The gold shirt had a huge emblem on the front, so I covered that with the burgandy material then layered my lion on in white, and the letters spelling out "Seeker" in khaki with a white shahow.  Then I happened to turn the shirt over while stitching around the edges of my applique, and what did I find...another freakin emblem to cover!  So I came up with a quick, and I mean QUICK, Golden Snitch and attached that sucker right as my hubby came in to the living room to tell me it was time for bed.  Whew!  Got that bad boy done by the skin of my teeth!  And he couldn't be cuter!  Check it out...

And of course, what outfit would be complete without a matching friendship bracelet?  :)

Love ya,

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  1. I featured your upcycled shirt @ WorkShop Wednesday! Thanks for partying with me!