Thursday, July 7, 2011

Woo frickity hoo

Half of the fun of having a blog is figuring out how to design it.  My blog has gone through a few theme changes.  And the newest one rocks, if I do say so myself.  Thanks to some fabulous other blogs (namely this one), I have learned how to create picture links for my social accounts, as well as my Etsy & Big Cartel accounts.  Check them out people...the cute little blue gem with the words after them, yep, those are links!  Well, all except the one that says "My People", that is more of a title.  Tonight's project is going to be to find or create a cute "Welcome" sign.

Also, I have been craft-lacklusterish lately.  I need to get my craft on (ala Rumpelstiltskin) and make some new goodies.  Hmm, maybe the new iPhone my hubby got me will inspire some creativity, or a whole bunch of laziness, either way, I'll take it!

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