Saturday, May 14, 2011

For the Love of Felt

I love felt.  It is perfect.  Doesn't fray.  Easy to get clean lines.  And it is somewhat stable.  This morning in preparation for Ann's party tonight I got out the glue gun, and finished some floral foam pins for all the girls.  At that point the craft bug was bitting, so I sat down with some supplies and let my brain go crazy.  The first thing I came up with is this felt cuff bracelet:

And I must say, I love it!  A little stitching, a few buttons, and lots of felt!  I  know, it is a bit drab, but I wanted something that was wearable with a lot of outfits, and come on, black, gray and white are FABULOUS!

Once that was complete I thought I would try stitching a heart with Ann & Daniel's initials...

It turned out too cute...right???  Yeah, I see more of these in my future!  Happy Saturday!


  1. ...drab?? I LOVE it! No, honestly, I do. The (non-) colours are exactly my cuppa tea, and the layering looks great. Felty gorgeousness!

  2. Looks fantastic! My daughter is big on sewing right now so I might have her try something like this. Fantastic!

  3. It looks great! I love felt too, I was on a huge felt kick a little bit ago.